sooooo its been a long time....

since ive been on here.


so alot has happened.. many many changes....

but the current news..
is that my band is finally playing their first show april 15th... in port huron..
and basically... that is everything i have been focused on. I got it bad.... i cant think about anything else. We are all so amped about it.... we gotta new bassist.. but then it didnt work out.. so we're auditioning more.... if you or anyone you know plays.. let me know!! In the meantime we will play w.o. one and hope we find someone by playing out.
I dropped dance company because it took up too much time... i basically had to choose.
I dont work at mallies anymore.. now i work at the modern exchange.
I am dating an amazing person.... and its different than any relationship ive ever had. It pretty much rules. I've made alotta crappy decisions in the past year... and some of which put me in crappy situations... to the point where i realized i needed to make a huge change. And so far so good. I almost feel renewed.

i am having a super hard time concentrating on school.. i am actually supposed to be studying right now. After this semester... i am taking 1 more class... then getting my associates.. then taking a break to rock out.

I gotta new tattoo... a whole sleeve.. on my right arm.
It's intense. Its no where near finished.. but it should be done in may.

well i guess that is all for now.
i am currently sick too.
its no fun.

well ima go attempt studying.. and then sleep.
maybe i will update in like.. 6 months... and let u know how everything went.


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so i barely update anymore..
i dunno?

whats been new?
Uhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm still dancin, rockin out, going to skool, and working.
Everything is going pretty good.
I'm 20 now... as of nov. 18th..
i had a crazy ass party..
I got to see Kaki King live.... uhhhhmm and i made some awesome new friends from port huron. soo yea!

The band is doin good.. we practice @ the loft now in redford.
We need a bassist.. and thats it.
We moved our bassist to 2nd guitarist... soo yea. If u play or know anyone who wants to try out lemme know!

Well right now im gettin ready to go out to canada with Liz and Shannon Duece!
It should be fun.

I need to wake up more tho.. im super tired for some reason.

I work tomorrow from noon-6pm! so if you get hungry or wanna watch some sports... come out to my work!
(mallie's sports bar on allen and northline)

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And so it is...

had our first show saturday night.
Mickeys + instruments doesnt always go well... but we all had a blasty blast.
Sleep Tight Tiger played.. that made the night.
After the show.. each band member ended up in a different city. It was interesting. Me and KT ate at Happy's Pizza today.. it was our first "happy" experience...

but anyways..

School is going okay.. but i fear because the dreadful feeling has already came.. and its not even mid-semester yet.. usually i get it near the end. Only one more year till i get my 1st degree.... *sigh*. I have to do it. I want health insurance anyways.

Well its late and im super tired... So i'm going to check in.

I'll try and post more often.. if not.. everyone have a great fall.

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la da da dee daaa

yea. so whats been up?
lately ive just been ridin on the back of crotch rockets.. and i plan on getting my own soon. I love it. Theyre way more affordable than a nice car... so id rather just get one of those then drive my van in the winter.


we finally got a singer.. and her name is danielle. Shes the shit. We all love her.. so yea. Hopefully start playin out in the fall.

Skool starts this week. Insane.. summer will be officially over for me.

Quit workin at the Buckle. Now i only work at Mallie's and thats goin alrite.

k. gotta go up to skool and check on my financial aid and do laundry.

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Ballet Of Blood

There's a girl with a ribbon, wrapped around a knife. She dances to sunsets, and the dawn of short life. She swings 'cross the air, with her steps and her turns. The audience watches, lights make her eyes burn. She thrusts and she pulls, again and once more. Until the music stops, and the blood starts to pour. She tiptoes in silence, through the achieved mess, and continues to move, with such gracefulness. She's careful and dainty, it will be her disguise, with her steps and her turns, she keeps so precise. She'll perform her routine, then lure you in with her poise. She's the dancer with ribbon, who killed all the boys.
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(no subject)

i used to think if i could realize i'd die
then i would be a lot nicer
used to believe in a lot more
now i just see straight ahead

that's not to say i don't have good times
but as for my days
i spend them waiting

crash sites keep me up at night
impact division it splits in two
directly underneath you

as for those things
that act as markers in your life
but in between
you can't remember
and so it seems
that you've grown up and over me
and these silly things
i like to dwell on

test sites keep me up at night
chainlink and meters
i talk to you
it's cold out there
but i'm telling you
i'm lonely too

facts versus romance
you go and call yourself the boss
but we're not robots inside a grid

text versus romance
you go and add it all you want
still we're not robots inside a grid

zeros and ones
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So its been awhile...........

Hmm.... whats new? I no longer am dating the boy i was... it just wasn't for me. But we're still cool.
Me and Katie went up north this past weekend for 2 QYL shows... and had a blasty blast...
We still need a singer... and another guitarist.. we're gunna post a bunch of flyers soon and just have a bunch of ppl audition.. guys or girls. Don't matter. We have a new band name too since there is already a band called "the runway".... we're now calling ourselves "bullets over broadway".. it is the name of a movie.. but we're going to refer to it in our songs and even like.. theme our cd around old skool broadway songs. It'll be sweet. Anyways... gettin back on track.. we STILL need a singer!! ahh!! it suxs. If it comes down to it.. we'll get two new guitarists.. and ill sing. so yea.

other things... i started my training for my 2nd job at Mallie's sports bar.. the grand opening is August 2nd to the public... its on allen and northline... so far i like it.. i think itll be good. I havent worked at Buckle in like.. the past 2 weeks which suxs cuz i am broke as hell.. especially after goin up north. Gas is pricey!!

My sister is movin back out.. so again.. i will have the whole upstairs to myself... more dancing space. =o) I'll miss borrowing her clothes tho.

Today is SOOO nice out! I love weather in the 70's. Its perfect. Me and Katie are gunna clean my van cuz it still has up north debri inside and out... then we're gunna jam for like an hour or so cuz kristen cant make it today... and then we're gunna go to a show in Detroit at "No Borders" to see Sleep Tight Tiger.. and then to a Thug Party at Carmela's house... if you wanna go gimme a call!! you gotta come in your thug gear tho!

i gotta go take a movie back.
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